HOT! Mount sent an ultimatum, Chelsea met MU

According to Fabrizio Romano, the 24-year-old star has made decisive moves regarding the future.

Thus, Manchester United still cannot get Mason Mount despite sending Chelsea 3 offers. They soon closed a personal deal with the 24-year-old star but had problems negotiating the price.

The Blues want between £60m and £65m from the sale of Mount. However, the final price offered by the Red Devils was only about 55 million pounds. Given the current situation, this deal could completely fall apart.

Man Utd have sent 3 offers but have yet to get Mason Mount.

According to the latest update from journalist Fabrizio Romano, Chelsea want to meet Man Utd directly to find a suitable solution, while Mount remains in his opinion that he will not renew.

“Mason Mount will make it clear once again to Chelsea that he will not be signing a new contract at this stage. The player has no intention of renewing, he wants to join Man Utd as a priority.

Chelsea want to meet Man Utd directly to find a solution and close the deal next week.”

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