HOT! Mason Mount shocked Man Utd

According to Telegraph, midfielder Mason Mount is ready to return to join Chelsea to prepare for the new season.

After the 2022/23 season ended, Chelsea proved powerless to extend the contract with Mason Mount . The Athletic confirmed Mount’s desire to move to Man Utd . 

Even the England player reached a personal agreement with Man Utd. That’s when, it is believed that the Red Devils will close the deal soon. However, Chelsea are quite tough.

Initially, Man Utd offered £ 40 million and was immediately   rejected by Chelsea . After that, two consecutive offers of 50 and 55 million pounds respectively of Man Utd also did not receive a nod from the Blues.

Man Utd’s message is very clear, accept it or not at all. Mount wants to go to Old Trafford, but unless Chelsea gives in, a new deal could happen.

Mount’s decision made the possibility of joining Man Utd even more deadlocked.

And in the context of the negotiations becoming deadlocked, Mount made a shocking move for Man Utd, but was extremely professional for Chelsea.

According to the Telegraph,  Mount will return to training and is ready to take part in a pre-season tour with Chelsea in the US if the move to Man United continues to be delayed. In other words, Mount will continue to give everything for the club while still under contract.

In fact, Mount has not asked to leave, even without an extension. Coach Mauricio Pochettino is said to admire Mount and could try to convince the England midfielder to stay.

Mount’s attitude could make a move to Old Trafford all the more difficult.

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