Highlights after the match MU 1-0 Brentford

The match MU vs Brentford ended with a score of 1-0 in favor of the home team, let’s look back at the highlights after this match ended

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The hero Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford opened the scoring for MU in the 27th minute. From a corner kick, the ball went to Antony’s position. The Brazilian player dropped a ball into the box for Sabitzer, the Austrian midfielder then assisted Rashford to finish close to put the home team ahead. It was his 28th goal this season.

Rashford helps MU beat Brentford 1-0

No player has scored more Premier League goals in 2023 than the English striker (9). In total, Rashford has scored 19 goals at Old Trafford in the 2022/23 season. This is the most goals scored by a MU player since Wayne Rooney in the 2011/12 season (also 19). The importance of the England international is also evident in the fact that he has scored 10 decisive goals in the Premier League this season, the most in a season by a MU player since Wayne Rooney in the 2009/10 season (also 10). ).

MU continues to play well at home

With complete dominance, MU led 1-0 thanks to a goal from Marcus Rashford. In the second half, Brentford bounced back strongly, but the Reds successfully defended the minimal victory. Thus, MU has one more victory at Old Trafford.

According to statistics, MU is unbeaten in the last 23 matches at Old Trafford, including 20 wins and 3 draws. Scored 52⁠ goals, conceded 12 goals and kept 13 clean sheets.

David de Gea almost made a mistake and turned into a hero

At the beginning of the second half, De Gea almost made MU conceded a goal. From Lisandro Martinez’s pass, De Gea handled it slowly and let Ivan Toney close. The goalkeeper, born in 1990, then shot the ball straight at the striker of the away team, the ball bounced back to MU’s goal but fortunately missed the post instead of flying into the net.

However, De Gea corrected later with a brilliant save. In the 67th minute, the player who replaced Kevin Schade had the opportunity to face the MU goalkeeper after the delicate passing of his teammates. However, De Gea came out very quickly to narrow the angle of the shot. He then blocked the opponent’s kick and he was lying on the field in pain because of a very strong collision with Schade. Fortunately, De Gea is still able to continue playing.

Erik ten Hag on De Gea’s performance against Brentford

The 32-year-old has kept his 12th clean sheet in the Premier League this season, just one less than the current leader, Nick Pope of Newcastle.

Coach Erik ten Hag was pleased with the Spaniard’s performance, he told BBC Sport: “When you need De Gea, he will appear. We also made a mistake and fortunately they did not benefit, and De Gea was also the main character in this situation. He had a distraction, but De Gea also had a couple of excellent saves. I’m satisfied with what he did.”

MU back to Top 4

Less than 24 hours after being pushed to 5th place by Tottenham, MU has officially returned to the Top 4 after a 1-0 victory over Brentford. On the English Premier League table, the Old Trafford team is ranked 4th, they have the same 53 points as Newcastle, the team ranked 3rd but ranked behind because of poor sub-index.

Beating Brentford, MU returned to the Top 4 NHA this season

Newcastle and MU are 3 points ahead of Tottenham and have played less than 1 match, these two teams have a great advantage over Spurs in the race to the Top 4. Opta has statistics on the probability of reaching the Top 4 in the Premier League this season. , the results are: MU: 88.64%, Newcastle: 77.15%, Tottenham: 13.32% and Brighton: 10.06%.

Brentford difficult to win tickets to next season’s European Cup

After a series of 12 unbeaten matches in the English Premier League, Brentford is showing signs of decline. They only won 2 of the last 7 matches in the Premier League, in this series of matches they drew Leicester and lost to Everton, who are in the dangerous group. Before the match with MU, Brentford had dropped to 9th place in the rankings. The gap between Thomas Frank’s team and 7th place Aston Villa is just 1 point. A draw against MU was enough for Frank’s teachers and students to return to the Top 7, because then both teams had 44 points, but Brentford ranked above thanks to a better secondary index.

Brentford could not win points against MU

The goal was clear, but Brentford was unable to complete it. Although they played hard in the second half, they still had to receive a 0-1 defeat against MU. With this result, Brentford stomped on 9th place in the rankings. The opportunity to enter the Top 7, thereby winning their ticket to the European Cup is very difficult when they have to compete with Brighton, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Fulham and Chelsea.

Luke Shaw’s Injury

MU’s victory was not complete when Luke Shaw was injured. Minute 37, the star born in 1995 was hurt and was forced to leave the field. Luke Shaw gives way to Tyrell Malacia. He chatted with coach Erik ten Hag for a bit before going into the tunnel.

Luke Shaw leaves the field early against Brentford

The injury comes at a bad time for Shaw, because he is in good form. According to the diagnosis, the British star suffered a hamstring injury. And with going straight into the dressing room after leaving the field, it is likely that the defender has a relatively serious problem.

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