Highlights after Real Madrid’s victory over Liverpool

The match Real Madrid vs Liverpool ended with a score of 1-0 in favor of Los Blancos, let’s look back at the highlights after this match ended.

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Karim Benzema scored and got injured

Karim Benzema scored twice in the first leg, helping Real Madrid beat Liverpool 5-2 at Anfield. In the second leg, he was the only scorer to help the home team win 1-0. In the 78th minute, Camavinga dropped the ball to let Benzema down. The ball touch of No. 9 touched Van Dijk to Vinicius Junior’s position, although he fell after a collision with a Liverpool defender, but the Brazilian player also made a putt to make Benzema easy. put the ball into the empty net.

Karim Benzema helps Real Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0 at home

Statistically, Karim Benzema has scored more Champions League goals against Liverpool than any other player in the history of the competition (7). But not only Liverpool, other teams also have to turn to fear because of Benzema. Statistics show that the former Gunners player has scored 13 goals in the last 8 Champions League knockout matches.

In the last 20 matches in the knockout round of the Champions League, Benzema scored 20 goals. For English teams alone, Benzema is really a nightmare. He has scored 19 goals in 25 encounters against opponents from the Premier League.

After scoring, Benzema suffered a leg injury in the last minutes. The collision with defender Virgil van Dijk after a successful effort from Vinicius’ cross caused the French general to have a problem with his right ankle. Talking about his injury, he revealed: “I left the field because of a kick to the shin. But it’s just a small bump, I think I’ll be there against Barcelona on Sunday.”

Liverpool received the most painful defeat

In the Real Madrid vs Liverpool match, the away team wanted to pre-empt the home team, they rushed up right after the opening whistle. The fact is that The Kop had opportunities but could not take advantage. Then Real Madrid created a good game, which made the opportunities no longer come often for the Red Brigade.

Liverpool were eliminated with a total score of 2-6 after two matches

The home team also made good use of the opportunity to score in the 78th minute, Benzema’s goal helped Los Blancos win 1-0. After all, the final score of 2-6 against Real Madrid was Liverpool’s heaviest defeat in the two knockout rounds of the Champions League.