Hazard admits conflict with coach Ancelotti

Midfielder Eden Hazard recently revealed about his relationship with his captain and it is not very good.

Hazard has one year left on his contract with Real Madrid and prioritizes staying at the club for another season. The Belgian midfielder has been a big disappointment when he has not played a minute in La Liga and the Champions League since returning from the World Cup, despite not having suffered any injuries.

In addition, Eden Hazard has retired from international career to focus on club colors, so not being selected by the coach has made this player unhappy. Hazard said: “I want to stay at Real Madrid and always say this. Hopefully I can play and prove that I can still contribute to the team.

Eden Hazard contradicts coach Carlo Ancelotti

People doubt it, I feel is normal. But my plan to stay and leave was not on my mind. I have respect for coach Ancelotti, but I wouldn’t say we’re still talking.

I will always have respect for him, though. Ancelotti represents football by what he has achieved in his career.”

As for Real Madrid, this club prioritizes selling Eden Hazard next summer in order to recover part of the transfer fee spent in 2019, avoiding the situation of losing everything in the summer of 2024.

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