Haaland is shocked with Arsenal

On the team’s homepage, Erling Haaland shared about the race to win the Premier League this season.

City lifted the Premier League trophy against Chelsea, but the title was confirmed after Arsenal’s defeat to Nottingham Forest the day before.

Haaland has been an important player for the Manchester team this season. The Norwegian striker hit a record 36 goals in 34 matches.

But according to Sky Sports, Haaland was also shocked to learn Arsenal had been at the top of the Premier League table for so long, admitting it was a ‘relief’ to topple opponents.

Haaland was surprised when Arsenal occupied the top of the table all season.

Haaland told Sky Sports: ” I’ve seen statistics about Arsenal topping the table for about 240 days.

We are like 20 days leading only. We’ve been chasing the whole season and winning it is a relief. It was a wonderful feeling.

With all the experience at this club, a lot of them have won the title for the 5th time. The hard work you do throughout the season is what you get in the end.

In the past few weeks everything has been decided. That’s why things get even better.”

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