Goodbye, Phil Jones

If Phil Jones’ football career was turned into a movie, it would be a work full of tragedy, tears and mysteries.

On May 17, 2015, Jones created the moment of a lifetime in his career. It was not Wayne Rooney’s “falling lamp”, a free kick with a bow-shaped trajectory that David Beckham had taken… In the dispute with Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud, Jones fell but still Try to use your head to break the ball right in front of the opponent’s boot.

Eight years later, on May 19, Phil Jones left Manchester United , ending 12 years with the Old Trafford team. In fact, the English midfielder’s career ended last year when the “Red Devils” closed the list of players for the Premier League season 2022/23, and Jones was one of the players over the age of 21 who did not have a name.

Jones’ career is a long chapter with a story between “patient” and “doctor”. It is not known exactly how many games the player had to miss due to health problems. According to Transfermarkt statistics, Jones suffered more than 10 different injuries over the past decade, in which the knee problem became a nightmare when tormenting himself continuously.

Time and time again, Jones came back, played a few games, got injured and then missed the whole season. Since the 2018/19 season, ie over 5 years, the former Blackburn Rovers player has only made 13 appearances. The last time Jones played for MU was the encounter with Brentford on May 2, 2022.

A player with such “crystal feet” does not deserve to wear the MU shirt . Over the past four years, Phil Jones has also become a burden on the club. A real debt. In 2019, he signed a new contract with the team, receiving a salary of 15.6 million pounds/season. However, Jones’ contribution is zero.

Phil Jones (No. 4) left MU after 12 years of attachment. Photo: Reuters.

Fans see Jones as a parasite. Rio Ferdinand, a former teammate of the English midfielder at Old Trafford, even turned his back, using harsh words with this player. In the summer of 2020, Rio said that Jones should “pack up and leave the club”, giving his position in the team to other young talents.

To those who hated Jones, they were right. A player who has not contributed to the club deserves to leave. MU should have parted with the English midfielder, instead of waiting until the summer of 2023, when Jones’ contract expires.

However, Jones did nothing wrong. If he was a bad face at the club, fans would have derided and booed this midfielder. But, that never happened.

Even in the last game against Wolves last season, fans in the back of Stretford cheered for Jones. They sang to the tune of Spandau Ballet’s Gold: ” He’s Phil Jones, Jones! Always trust Phil Jones, he’s got the scoring ability… he’s indestructible “.

Jones left the field with tears in his eyes, reaching out and lightly touching the club’s badge.

Criticizing Jones is terrible. Remember, no player wants to get injured while playing. Maybe fate is too harsh, or wants to make fun of the English midfielder. In his youth, Jones was considered a football prodigy. And if he did not show his talents, he would not have conquered Sir Alex Ferguson.

As in his letter to the team’s fans, Jones admitted that “tried to get back as quickly as possible”. He even wished that ” can play, contribute more to the club “. Sadly, that seemingly simple dream turned out to be a luxury.

Phil Jones’ career has been marred by numerous injuries. Photo: Reuters.

Jones having to leave MU is obvious, good for both sides. The Old Trafford team is carrying out a squad overhaul, and there is no place for “love signings” like Jones. At this moment, only the best, fittest players deserve to play.

However, Jones’ image will never be tarnished. Referring to him, fans will remember a warrior with true “Red Devil” blood. No. 1 consecrated player. Defenders roll for the pride and honor of the home team.

Later, when he saw Jones playing against Wolves, Ferdinand had to rethink the comments he made for his former teammates. He said: ” For a player – who has been tormented by injuries for many years – to play like that you have to take your hat off. After a long time out, Jones on the day of his comeback still played quite well. It was not easy to win. do it ,” Ferdinand said on his YouTube channel Five.

Phil Jones’ Spirit

12 years playing for MU, Jones has never been considered the best central defender in the club. He is not even a symbol of tackles, interceptions or smart play. However, Jones has what many new club recruits lack, which is dedication, hard work and leadership.

Without rolling, devoted, Jones does not try to use his head to break the ball right in front of the opponent’s shoe. That action was not in the calculation of the English midfielder. It is an instinct that is spontaneously revealed. And only players who dedicate themselves to the MU shirt can do so.

Phil Jones with his head to stop Giroud in the match 2015. Photo: Getty.

According to The Athletic, Jones worked really hard to get back to playing. Former assistant Mike Phelan during his time at MU said: “There are times when Jones appears alone in the training room. It is not pleasant at all. But, he trains extremely hard. A player Great”.

In the 2021/22 season, after playing for the U23 team in December, Jones takes time to talk with young players, sharing their experiences. That is appreciated. In another youth team match, Jones even drove 200 miles from Manchester to North London to face Arsenal. He also volunteered to participate in other matches of the U23 age group.

” He just wanted to play ,” a club source told The Athletic about Jones. ” Whether at MU or on loan, Jones is desperate to play .”

The source also emphasized that Jones showed quality in training sessions. It is courage, dedication and not complaining about difficulties. “No matter where he plays, Jones is very brave, something other central defenders can’t. Jones is not a great passer, but technically he always finds a way to get the ball forward. Jones is not. likes to cross and play too safe,” the club’s source added.

Jones’ career was severely damaged physically and mentally. The pain of knees, hamstrings, ligaments, … take turns tormenting, clinging and destroying his career. And yet, ridicule from social networks surrounded the English midfielder. After all, Jones still stood firm, fighting to the end. He has a strong belief that he will be able to play MU again.

After today, Jones will no longer wear the “Red Devils” shirt. The past is something that cannot be changed. Mention Jones, controversy will arise. Many people will scold him. Others defend. But surely, when MU needs an example of a tenacious fighting spirit, ready to “bleed” for the home team, nothing is more genuine than the moment of using his head to break the ball right in front of Giroud’s boot.

Goodbye, Phil Jones!

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