Glazers have chosen a new owner for MU, ‘announcement will come in a few days’

According to The Sun, the Glazer family has chosen the right partner to take over Manchester United.

In the past time, investors who want to acquire Man Utd  expressed dissatisfaction when the Glazer family delayed the sale of the team. According to the Daily Mail, the two leading candidates, Billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe and His Highness Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani, are disappointed when the US owner is working slowly.

Public opinion believes that the delay in selling  Man Utd  is because the Glazers want to carefully consider the offers and find ways to push the price up as high as possible. House  Glazer  wants to sell Man Utd at £6 billion. The Prince of Qatar and Sir Jim Ratcliffe are only willing to pay £5 billion.

Man Utd may be about to change owners.

However, after receiving the third offer, it was time for the Glazers to act. Mirror revealed that American owners will have a final decision on the sale of Man Utd this month.

Most recently, The Sun confirmed that the Glazer House has decided to sell the club. Specifically, the  Glazers have chosen Ratcliffe and Ineos as their preferred partners and an official announcement could come ‘in a few days’.

Joel and Avram do not want to sell their shares outright and will remain part of the ownership group at Man United. Surely fans will be disappointed at the news that Joel and Avram will continue to hang around at Old Trafford.

In fact, Avram and Joel could be ousted in 2026 when Sky Sports previously revealed that Ratcliffe had a clause in place that would allow him to complete a 100% acquisition within three years, in the summer of 2026.

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