Girlfriend revealed that she used to do sensitive things with Ronaldo in the spa room

In a conversation with friends, beautiful Georgina Rodriguez blurted out that she had done sensitive things with her boyfriend Ronaldo in the spa room.

Georgina Rodriguez became Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend in 2016. After 7 years together, the star couple has two daughters. Georgina also takes care of the three stepchildren of the Portuguese superstar. In addition to taking care of her family, the beauty also actively attends events and does business.

Georgina Rodriguez next to Ronaldo

The 1994-born girl revealed that she and her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo could hold a grand wedding in the near future. She said: “I really couldn’t be more married. Cristiano and I were married in the eyes of God, that’s all that matters to me.”

“He protects and keeps us together. One day, however, a ceremony will take place. I am so lucky to have such a man by my side. I appreciate the opportunities that come with me. God gave it to me.”

Most recently, Georgina missed a room story in the second part of the documentary I Am Georgina that just aired. It all started over dinner in Madrid, when Georgina and friends talked about her new tattoo. The 28-year-old girl insists she doesn’t get her hands wet because she just got a tattoo.

She said: “I had to avoid swimming at the beach. But when I got home, Cris invited me to the spa. To keep my hands dry, I had to raise my arms when I got into the jacuzzi. But the water was up to my neck and my arms were so tired. So let go and enjoy the feeling of being comfortable in the bath.”

When his friend Ivan joked: “Love is in bed, not at the spa”, Ronaldo’s girlfriend blurts out: “No, we did it”. Her sister asked: “Did you have sex at the spa?”. Georgina seemed to have realized her mistake, so she smiled shyly. After that, she remained silent and changed the subject.

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