Gary Neville takes off his hat: “Arsenal has grown up”

Legendary Gary Neville thinks Arsenal have matured after a brave victory on the field of Newcastle.

If Arsenal lose points against Newcastle, this season’s Premier League title race can be considered over. However, in difficult times, Arsenal showed extraordinary bravery. Arteta’s teachers and students won a convincing 2-0 victory right at St. James’ Park.

Gary Neville takes off his hat: “Arsenal has grown up”

This result helps Arsenal temporarily narrow the gap to the top of Man City to 1 point but have played more than 1 match. However, surely Arsenal will persistently chase Man City to the final rounds.

After witnessing Arsenal’s performance, Gary Neville expressed his admiration and said that this team has matured.

“I think they could be eaten alive by Newcastle. The atmosphere was very fierce. But Arsenal showed maturity. Mikel Arteta deserves credit for choosing Jorginho. Many people will say that Thomas Partey should start but he thinks otherwise.

The level that Martin Odegaard showed in the first 30 minutes was impressive. Jorginho regulates the game and guides his teammates. Martinelli and Saka weren’t at their best but the calmness from Odegaard and Jorginho was amazing.

The reason why Manchester United players and Pep Guardiola say Paul Scholes is their favorite is because on the most difficult trips, these players become unique. They have the calm, the balance to help the team run. That’s what Jorginho reminds me of. He played very impressively.

Arsenal have advanced a lot in my subjective assessment because I did not expect them to do so. I assume they will stumble. The Man City players will go to bed, not panicking, but there will be a little pain in their hearts. They really want a safe distance in the Premier League to go into the game against Real Madrid.”

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