Gary Neville suddenly criticized Oleksandr Zinchenko

Gary Neville has accused Arsenal players of over-celebrating during and after many Premier League games this season.

Arsenal had at one point left Man City 8 points behind in the title race in the English Premier League, but 3 consecutive draws against Liverpool, West Ham, Southampton and the latest 0-3 defeat against Brighton made their chances of winning the title. they are almost gone.

Mikel Arteta’s team is now 4 points behind Man City and kicks more than 1 game while the season is only 2 rounds away from closing. Green Man can win the title this weekend if they beat Chelsea at home. Even if Arsenal have many advantages, former MU defender Gary Neville still believes that Man City will successfully defend the championship.

Oleksandr Zinchenko celebrates with fans after Arsenal’s win

Most recently, Gary Neville criticized Oleksandr Zinchenko when he watched the defender celebrate with fans in the car after the 4-1 victory over Crystal Palace in March. He said: “I always doubted the ability to win the title. Arsenal’s Premier League title. I gave them 7 reasons why they can’t win, one of them is that their players don’t know how to control their emotions.”

“Arsenal celebrated wildly against Aston Villa after winning 4-2 in February, that continued in their 4-1 win over Crystal Palace in March. Zinchenko celebrated with fans in the car. Outside the stadium, they shouted as if they had won a championship. I think Arsenal’s key players have to control their emotions, they need to have composure.”

“Actions like Zinchenko’s only increase the confidence of fans, and when Arsenal don’t get good results, it backfires. You look at Pep and the stars of Man City, there is always amazing composure. Arsenal will probably have to learn from Man City about this.”

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