Gareth Bale thinks Messi is greater than Ronaldo

When asked who is the greatest player to ever win the Champions League, Gareth Bale chose Messi over his former teammate Ronaldo.

Gareth Bale used to have a successful time playing with Real Madrid. The former Welsh midfielder with Ronaldo and Benzema created the “BBC trio” that swept Europe in the 2014-2018 period. During the same period, this trio helped Real Madrid win the Champions League 4 times.

However, according to Gareth Bale, Messi is the greatest player to ever win the Champions League. Bale is also not afraid to mention Messi’s name when asked jokingly about whether he wants Messi’s left foot or Ronaldo’s right foot.

Bale considers Messi the greatest player to ever win the Champions League

Specifically, Bale said: “Messi is the outstanding player who won the Champions League. If I had to choose Messi’s left foot or Ronaldo’s right foot, I would choose Messi, because I’m left-footed. But both of them This option is good.”

Bale’s statement above caused quite a bit of controversy when Ronaldo and Bale won three consecutive European championships. Even in 2021, Bale once shared that Ronaldo is the best player he has ever played with.

Bale used to be the mainstay of Real Madrid before gradually losing his position due to injury as well as a decline in form. The former Tottenham star left the Spanish team in 2022 to join LAFC. After the 2022 World Cup, Bale decided to hang up his boots and retire.

Now both Messi and Ronaldo have left Europe. If Ronaldo chooses Al Nassr, then Messi joins Inter Miami. However, this duo’s record in the Champions League playground will last for a long time.

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