Fans demand that President Ronaldo ‘fat’ resign

The fact that Real Valladolid was relegated from La Liga made the “fat” Ronaldo president receive criticism from fans.

“Fat” Ronaldo suffered the wrath of Valladolid fans.

Valladolid’s 0-0 draw against Getafe in the final round of La Liga on June 5 caused President Ronaldo’s team to suffer relegation with Espanyol and Elche . Valladolid is only 1 point behind the 17th ranked team in the rankings, Almeria.

This disappointing result caused the Brazilian legend to be criticized by his home fans. One user wrote on his personal page: “This is what we deserve. Obviously a disastrous performance.”

Another account said: “We are struggling with the relegation ticket, but the team did not hit a single shot on target for the whole game. Valladolid is like a football band, and Ronaldo is a disaster. Please . sell the club and leave immediately. He promised to take the team to the European Cup but now the team is in the second division.”

Fans also criticized President Ronaldo’s decision to appoint coach Paulo Pezzolano to replace Pacheta. But in fact, Pezzolano helps Valladolid earn an average of 1.09 points per game in La Liga, higher than Pacheta (1.04 points).

Valladolid had a disappointing season when he lost 20 of his 38 La Liga games, more than Elche (23 defeats). This is the second time under President Ronaldo, Valladolid has suffered relegation from La Liga. In the last 13 years, this club experienced 4 relegation from the top Spanish league.

In 2018, Ronaldo bought a 51% stake in Valladolid for the amount of 30 million euros. A year later, this legend continues to acquire 21% of the shares of the Spanish club. Ronaldo was given the amount of 7 million euros to upgrade the Jose Zorrilla stadium. Valladolid’s operating budget has also doubled (22 to 55 million euros) since Ronaldo took over. In addition to Valladolid, Ronaldo also owns Cruzeiro club in his hometown.

Ronaldo once admitted that he did not stick around for a long time at Valladolid. However, the Brazilian legend also refused to sell the team to other investors.

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