Dybala once said he hated Ronaldo right in front of him

Paulo Dybala once admitted that he did not like Cristiano Ronaldo as a child in front of the Portuguese superstar.

Dybala used to be Ronaldo’s partner on Juventus attack. Photo: Reuters.

Dybala said on DAZN’s ‘Scacco Capitale’ program: “I spent 3 wonderful years with Cristiano. The team is outstanding and he gives us strength. The rivalry between him and  Lionel Messi is strong. I feel deeply in Argentina and as a child, of course, I was always on Messi’s side.”

“Once, we were on a plane traveling to a game. He sat right in front of me. At times, he came up to me to chat about football and other things. We used to talk about it. life and I said in front of Ronaldo: ‘I really hated you when I was a kid’. We laughed. We always had a good relationship, “AS Roma star added.

After Ronaldo left Juve in 2021,  Dybala did the same thing a year later. He moved to the Italian capital to play for AS Roma under Jose Mourinho. Despite some fitness problems, the 29-year-old still contributed 25 goals in 34 matches this season, helping “Giallorossi” have a chance to win tickets to the Champions League and progress to the semi-finals of the Europa League.

Regarding the decision to join the capital team, Dybala said:  “The story begins with the Colosseum. When I was a child, I watched many movies about Rome and gladiators. Maybe more or less I too. watched the movie ‘Gladiator’ 20 times. When contacted by Roma, these things popped into my head. I told myself I had to do something in this city.”

Dybala insists Mourinho had a great influence on his decision. Currently, the couple has built a good relationship. The Argentine striker believes that the team will achieve success under the guidance of “Special One”.

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