Don’t cry for Marco Reus

11 years of waiting, then continue to be the second runner-up. Fate teased Marco Reus again, toying with the disappointment of this talented midfielder

Reus is old. 33 is a young age for the general population, but in the sports world it’s the opposite. Reus was at Borussia Dortmund for more than 10 years. For young fans, they see him as the face of the club, the stable symbol of the club.

11 years with Dortmund, Reus witnessed many changes . Robert Lewandowski comes and goes. So is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Ilkay Gundogan, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Shinji Kagawa, Ciro Immobile, Christian Pulisic, Ousmane Dembele and Jadon Sancho also came and went. This summer, Jude Bellingham is likely to also part with the black and yellow shirt team. Or a year earlier, Signal Iduna Park said goodbye to Erling Haaland.

After all, Reus was still there.

The price for loyalty

In an age of fleeting loyalty, Reus was the outlier. He is a symbol of loyalty. Dortmund and Reus, it’s like a couple promised for many lifetimes. Nothing can separate them, unless one of them no longer looks to one side.

However, talking about Reus now is a regret. People wish he was pragmatic, following the call of fame, so that now he would not have to suffer the torment of a harsh fate.

More than a decade has passed since Reus left Borussia Monchengladbach to join Dortmund, many things have happened. The players who left the club like Shinji Kagawa, Gundogan, Pulisic, Dembele or most recently Haaland all have noble titles. Even many people are still facing the opportunity to create their own record.

Reus knew all that, but his steadfastness was something he never allowed himself to go overboard.

Reus and Dortmund lost the Bundesliga title in the 2022/23 season in a bitter way. Photo: Reuters.

Throughout his career, Reus has not lacked attractive offers. But somehow, Dortmund still kept the German midfielder. Or rather, Reus never wanted to leave Signal Iduna Park.

Reus could end up at Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich, the team that gave Robert Lewandowski, Mario Gotze, Mats Hummels what they crave most, trophies. That dream scenario with Marco (Reus) did not happen and probably will never come true.

Surprisingly, Reus has never regretted not leaving Dortmund. ” I’ve never regretted my decision. Everything I give comes from the heart. I think it simply speaks to who I am. No matter what decision I have to make, I’m always there. Follow your heart ,” Reus shared in an interview with ESPN.

Dortmund is like a land of roses with Reus. He himself admits that he always feels most comfortable here. The German star wants to dedicate himself to the club. Therefore, on the day the black and yellow shirt team lost the Bundesliga championship in the 2022/23 season to Bayern Munich, many people will feel sorry for Reus. He burst into tears when the final whistle blew. A poignant image.

However, don’t cry for Reus.

From the moment he decided to refuse the invitation of Bayern Munich or Barca, Reus understood what would await him. He strongly believes that he will receive a worthy reward for his tireless efforts.

Before the encounter with Mainz on May 27, the match was described by the German media as “Reus’s Dortmund date with destiny”, all thinking of a good prospect for the 33-year-old star. This is an opportunity for the black and yellow shirt team to repay the loyal bodyguard. Dortmund is just one win away from the silver plate. The closest distance in over a decade with Reus.

” The whole club, the city will be very happy for Reus if the team can get their hands on the championship ,” Dortmund’s sporting director Sebastian Kehl told international journalists in an interview earlier this week.

” I know what a championship means to Reus as captain. Marco has done a lot of great things at this club over the years. One thing people always say about him is that he hasn’t won it yet. what title. I think Reus will be a little bit annoyed by that , “said CEO Kehl added.

Hope to be disappointed. That dream, that dreamlike scenario was once again brutally broken. The moment the famous referee blew the final whistle, Reus sat in the middle of the field, a stunned expression on his face. It was then that he faced the grim reality. Reus cried, the hurt this time growing. Disappointment also peaked in that moment.

Reus .’s greatest legacy

Fate toyed with Reus for too long. After Michael Ballack, the football world saw another “great runner-up”. But the case of Reus is more mysterious. Over the past decade, Reus has always come close to glory, but for one reason or another, he still fails.

A few months ago, it was said that the world of football owes Lionel Messi the World Cup. After what was shown, the Argentine superstar deserves the prestigious gold trophy. And he can do it.

Last Saturday night should have been the coronation moment of Reus, the player who devoted sweat, tears and blood to the club. However, fate turned out to be another scenario for the German midfielder, wanting him to continue to fail. Now, Reus is 33 years old.

Reus is a symbol of loyalty in Dortmund. Photo: Reuters.

So another season has passed and Reus still has not been able to get the Bundesliga silver plate. After this defeat of Dortmund, the familiar story can recur with the team. Many talents will leave. Bellingham is said to have started the “escape” to find a place to help him achieve glory. However, Reus will still be here, ready to do whatever it takes to help the club.

At this point, when it comes to Reus, one should probably talk about his greatest legacy, loyalty. Something beyond personal achievement. At the age of 33, Marco (Reus)’s trophy collection has only 2 National Cup championships. However, the biggest indelible mark this player made was his decision to stick with Dorrmund.

Then, Reus will become a symbol, a model for loyalty. A different color in the world of money football. So, for Dortmund fans, don’t cry for Marco (Reus).

The following season, he still stood in front of more than 80,000 spectators at Signal Iduna Park.

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