Deadly accident at River Plate match

A fan died on the spot after falling from the stands of River Plate’s Monumental Stadium during the match against Defensa y Justicia on June 3.

According to The Guardian, the match was paused for 26 minutes, then postponed to another day. The area where the accident happened was also evacuated. As a result of the initial investigation, no suspicious acts of violence or influence were detected.

” A fan fell from the stands of Sivori Alta . The medical team was present and tried their best to save it, but there was nothing more to do ,  ” River Plate announced.

The fan died from a fall from the stands.

According to River Plate, the stand where the accident happened has 90% of the fans who have tickets for the whole season. At the time of the incident, witnesses said the victim had fallen on her own and showed no signs of violence.

The Buenos Aires-based football team also said that police had closed the area of ​​the stadium where the accident occurred for 24 hours to conduct further investigation.

Argentina fans are famous for their passion for the king sport. The matches in this country’s national championship are also hot. On May 8, River Plate and Boca Juniors surprised the world media by  creating a match with 7 red cards and 9 yellow cards .

River Plate finished the game with 10 men while Boca had only 8 men on the field.

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