De Gea reads Brighton’s 11m kick routine and the end

Goalkeeper David de Gea has read secret notes about the Brighton player’s 11m kick habit, but he failed to save a single time in the penalty shootout.

The FA Cup semi-final between MU and Brighton took place attractively. The two teams drew after 120 minutes of play, and the ticket to the final match was only resolved in a penalty shootout. Both teams successfully completed the first 6 sets of shots.

The turning point came in the 7th shot. Solly March hit the crossbar, while MU’s Victor Lindelof made it successfully. With a 7-6 victory in the penalty shootout, the Red Devils entered the final against Man City.

De Gea studies Brighton players’ 11m kick habits

In the match against Brighton, MU goalkeeper David de Gea did not have a successful save. Solly March’s shot sent the ball over the bar, not the goalkeeper born in 1990. Even Robert Sanchez has repeatedly guessed the right direction, even touching the ball, but could not save.

As for De Gea, he often guesses the wrong direction of the opponent’s shot. The camera records images every time a kick, the Spaniard comes out to refer to the Brighton player’s 11m kick habit hidden in a towel, but surprisingly, he can’t stop any of the opponent’s kicks. direction.

De Gea couldn’t stop a Brighton player’s kick

Thus, MU has found the joy of victory after letting Sevilla eliminate in the quarter-finals of the Europa League. The next match of the Red Devils is the match against Tottenham in the English Premier League.

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