De Gea played tricks that caused Solly March to miss the penalty shootout

Before Solly March stepped up to perform his penalty shootout, goalkeeper David De Gea had actions to put psychological pressure on the opponent to kick himself.

The first six penalty kicks were all successfully performed by MU and Brighton players. On the seventh kick, Solly March took charge of Brighton.

When the opponent was stepping up to take his kick, De Gea was already at the penalty spot. The Spaniard not only constantly exerted pressure, but also acted cunningly by repeatedly stomping on the 11m mark.

It is unclear how De Gea’s actions affect Solly March. And the Brighton player missed his own kick with a kick into the air.

De Gea pressured Solly March to miss the penalty shootout.

Soon after, Victor Lindelof made no mistake in the decisive kick, setting a 7-6 victory for MU on penalties to win tickets to the 2022/23 FA Cup Final.

After the match, De Gea admitted that he played a psychological blow to Solly March. However, the 32-year-old goalkeeper refused to reveal what he said to Brighton’s number 7.

MU’s upcoming opponent in the 2022/23 FA Cup Final is Man City. The Citizens had previously defeated Sheffield Utd with an easy 3-0 scoreline.

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