De Gea made an unforgivable mistake, what does coach Ten Hag say?

Coach Ten Hag shared with the press after goalkeeper David De Gea directly made a mistake that led to the Red Devils’ 0-1 loss to West Ham.

During the trip to the 35th round of the NHA, the Man United club had to receive a 0-1 final defeat to the home team West Ham after the finishing situation of Saïd Benrahma.

The ball took place in the 27th minute when Benrahma had a long shot from outside the box. Its force was not too strong, but suddenly the goal came.

De Gea made a disastrous mistake in the defeat to West Ham.

In this situation, goalkeeper David De Gea made a serious mistake when he fell slowly and could not stop the ball. It was an unforgivable mistake in the situation that Man Utd desperately needed to win in the race for the top 4.

When asked about the future of the Spaniard, coach Erik Ten Hag told BT Sport: “Mistakes are part of football. In this team you have to face it and improve by  here. It’s a team sport. In this season, De Gea is the one who keeps the most clean sheets, but mistakes can still happen. That’s football.”

When asked about the future of the goalkeeper born in 1990 after the mistake, the captain added: “We want him to stay and extend his contract.”

De Gea’s contract with MU is still valid until the summer of 2024. Currently, negotiations are at an impasse when David De Gea does not accept a salary reduction of up to £ 9 million per year at the request of the team.

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