De Bruyne reveals shock about injury

With the determination to join Man City to create a historic treble, midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has accepted the pain of playing for the last 2 months of the 2022/23 season due to injury.

De Bruyne injured again in Champions League Final

Man City fulfilled their Champions League dream and completed the treble after a 1-0 win over Inter Milan in the Final. However, the joy was not complete with De Bruyne. 

Midfielder number 17 was injured and had to leave the field in the first half to make way for Phil Foden. Once again De Bruyne had to soon be a reluctant audience in the C1 Final. The same thing happened in the match against Chelsea in 2021. 

De Bruyne has an injury but still tries to suppress the pain of playing for the past 2 months.

After winning the Champions League with Man City, De Bruyne updated his injury status. Many people are shocked to know that the Belgian player has been injured for the past 2 months but tries to suppress the pain of playing to join Man City to make history.

“The last two months have been really difficult for me. I have had a hamstring problem since the second leg against Bayern Munich. That’s why I missed some matches.

It’s a pity that things didn’t turn out the way I wanted. But fortunately we became Champions League champions.”

After returning to England, De Bruyne will be taken for a thorough examination of the injury situation. In the worst case, the player born in 1991 is completely at risk of having to undergo surgery and will miss the start of the new season.

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