‘Damn it, let me play because Maguire makes mistakes every week’

In the interview quoted by SportBible, Marcos Rojo had remarkable shares surrounding the English midfielder.

In a recent interview,  Marcos Rojo  stunned fans when there were not very positive comments about Harry Maguire. The former Manchester United midfielder said:

“In 2019, I’m playing in the Europa League, but I’m really angry with the  Manchester United (Solskjaer) manager because he put Maguire on the team instead of me, thank god they ended up  eliminating him from the starting position, replaced by Lisandro Martinez.”

Rojo has unexpected shares.

“One day I went to Solskjaer’s office to tell him let me go to another club or put me in the starting XI, but he told me that Maguire had to come on for the money they had paid. pay him.”

“Maguire made huge mistakes and I said to Solskjaer: ‘Damn it, let me play because this guy is making big mistakes every week’.”

Next summer, it is expected that Maguire will have the opportunity to leave Old Trafford, in the context that many big clubs like Inter Milan or Juventus are said to have plans to recruit him.

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