Criticized for incompetence, Mourinho responded to Cassano

Former striker Cassano criticized Mourinho for not being good at work, nor knowing how to communicate and the Portuguese coach responded.

Mourinho hits back at Cassano

A few days ago, former striker  Antonio Cassano sparked controversy with coach Jose Mourinho. Accordingly, Cassano advised Real Madrid not to invite Mourinho into the hot seat to replace Ancelotti. The former Italian striker even used quite harsh words when talking about “special people”.

Specifically, Cassano said: “Mourinho can lead Real after Ancelotti leaves. However, if Real need a coach, they should not recruit Mourinho. Because he has no interest in football.

He doesn’t like to work and doesn’t know how to communicate. Don’t let his track record fool you. I don’t know how Mourinho got that number of trophies. But it’s all frivolous.”

Responding to Cassano’s comments, Mourinho said:  “People have the right to do what they like, like make criticisms. But in Cassano’s case, it’s a different story. He’s busy sitting around. Lips dancing for fun while others work.

Jose Mourinho refutes Cassano

Remember, when he was playing for Real Madrid, he was only remembered for the jacket he wore on his debut for the club. With Roma, he won the Super Cup without playing a minute. At Inter, Antonio didn’t even play every week. But you know what I won with Inter, Real and Roma? He may have a problem with me, but I have no problem with him.

I just say one thing, be careful Antonio, because you’re 40 and I’m 60. Sometimes Marko Livaja shows up and then the situation can get out of control.”

It is known that Mourinho mentioned Croatian player Livaja because this defender and Cassano had a conflict while playing for Inter Milan. In 2013, there was a conflict between these two players during a training session.

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