Conor Gallagher regrets when Chelsea missed the opportunity against Real

After Chelsea lost to Real Madrid, midfielder Conor Gallagher regretted that the home team could not take advantage of opportunities to beat the opponent.

Conor Gallagher shares after Chelsea’s defeat

Against Real Madrid, Chelsea played hard. Coach Lampard’s team had the first half to level the opponent. Even Kante and Cucurella were at one point very close to the opening goal. However, no opportunity was used by the host and the match ended in defeat for Chelsea.

Sharing after the game, midfielder Gallagher expressed regret about the missed opportunities. The English player shared:  “We played well, created a lot of chances, even more than the opponent. But football is a story of taking chances and that is something Chelsea failed to do on the day. Today.

Gallagher regrets missed opportunities by Chelsea

The whole team was disappointed with this result. But today’s performance can be considered a significant improvement compared to what Chelsea showed last time. However, the most important thing is still to take advantage of the opportunity. That’s the difference between Real and Chelsea.

This season is not over for Chelsea. The whole team wants to improve and win as many victories as possible. We’re going to go game by game, hopefully Chelsea can continue to perform like we did against Real because I think that’s a positive way to go into the next games.”

Conor Gallagher was used by coach Lampard from the beginning in the match against Real Madrid. However, the English player did not make much of a mark. 61 minutes, after Chelsea were leading,  Gallagher was withdrawn to make room for Joao Felix.

This season,  Gallagher is not a reliable choice of Chelsea coaches. The player born in 2000 has only played 7 full 90 minutes since the beginning of the season.

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