Confirm! Arsenal’s different attitude towards Xhaka and Partey

Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano confirmed Arsenal have plans for Thomas Partey this summer.

Declan Rice is Arsenal ‘s top priority target in the summer transfer window. West Ham United are currently asking for a price tag of up to £100m , which could be a major hurdle. However, the Gunners are still confident to get Rice’s signature

Recent reports suggest that Arsenal are opening quite active negotiations with West Ham. The Emirates Stadium team is ready to break the transfer record and salary structure to ensure the Rice deal is approved. 

In the opposite direction, Arsenal  plan to push away Thomas Partey and Granite Xhaka. Notably, while Arsenal have not yet allowed Xhaka to leave when the Rice deal is complete, they are independently negotiating the sale of Partey.

Xhaka and Partey are about to leave Arsenal.

Journalist Fabrizio Romano confirmed: “The bottom line for Arsenal: The possibility of Partey leaving has nothing to do with the case of Xhaka or Rice.

Xhaka and Arsenal reached an agreement with Bayer Leverkusen long ago. The parties are waiting for the new midfielder to land at Emirates when Xhaka will leave. 

Arsenal will buy two midfielders if Partey leaves the team.”

This season, Partey has been a key factor in helping Arsenal finish second in the Premier League. However, he was disappointing at the end. Unstable form is the reason why Arsenal do not want to keep Partey.

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