Conditions for Messi to return to Barca

Barcelona leaders admit they have to sell off players if they want to recruit rookies in this summer transfer window.

Messi stands before the opportunity to return to Barca this summer. Photo: Reuters.

Eduardo Romeu, Finance Vice President  Barca, shared on  Catalonia Radio on May 11: “It is true that in the plan, we have to cut about 200 million euros in salary, along with increasing the revenue of the team in the country. Next season, for now, everything is still going well.Barca wants to maintain this stability.I believe the organizers of  La Liga  will give us the green light to recruit more players. Whoever signs a contract, the team has to liquidate players. We will do what the head coach asks.”

Barca expects to be able to reunite with Messi in the 2023/24 season. However, the deal faced major hurdles. M10’s remuneration at PSG is too high (more than 40 million euros per season). If he returns to Barca, the Argentine superstar must accept a deep salary reduction.

But before thinking about recruiting Messi, the Camp Nou team had to liquidate some players to reduce the salary fund. On May 10, Barca decided to part ways with Sergio Busquets after 18 years of association. The 34-year-old may not be the only character to leave the Camp Nou this summer.

Jordi Alba, Ansu Fati or Raphinha are on the list that can be liquidated. Raphinha received the attention of  Newcastle. Meanwhile, Alba’s high salary (nearly 10 million euros per season) makes the defender face the risk of leaving Barca.

The other case is Fati, a young player whose form has declined in the 2022/23 season. Jorge Mendes, Fati’s representative, confirmed that the young striker wants to stay and continue to contribute to Barca. However, Mr. Bori, Fati’s father, thinks that his son should find a new place to save his career. Fati was Transfermarkt  valued at 35 million euros.

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