Coach Troussier tightens discipline, U23 Vietnam looks forward to the match U23 Iraq

After creating conditions for the students to rest, relax, and recover both physically and mentally, head coach Philippe Troussier began to tighten discipline on the training ground when U23 Vietnam entered the first official training session. in Doha on the evening of March 19.

Coach Troussier tightens discipline, U23 Vietnam looks forward to the match U23 Iraq

At this training session, coach Philippe Troussier set a very high demand for expertise, constantly urging the players to move quickly, coordinate with few touches and accurately in finishing phases.

The professionalism and thoroughness in the work of the French military leader forced the U23 Vietnam players to focus as much as possible and not be allowed to have any distractions. The atmosphere on the training ground accordingly became very serious and positive.

Answering the press before the training session, young player Nguyen Van Truong said that coach Philippe Troussier always has exercises to connect the players in the team. Therefore, Van Truong himself did not take long to integrate well with the brothers in U23 Vietnam.

Van Truong shared before the practice session

“Any player being called up to U23 Vietnam is also a great honor. I myself am a young player, but being called up to U23 Vietnam, it is a pleasure to practice and play with older brothers.

At the end of the AFC U20 Championship 2023, I was hoping to be called up by the teacher and this has come true. I will have to try harder at U23 Vietnam”, shared Van Truong.

Coach Philippe Troussier closely followed the students on the training ground.

The midfielder also shared more about his feelings for coach Philippe Troussier: “The special thing about coach Philippe Troussier is personality. He has a very strong personality. In each practice session, he always corrects every movement, every inch.”