Coach Ryan Mason: “Tottenham has shown impressive bravery”

Coach Ryan Mason praised the spirit of Tottenham players after coming upstream to win 1 point against Man United.

Coach Ryan Mason has his first game in charge of Tottenham after Cristian Stellini was sacked. And he brought a positive result when Spurs came back up to win 1 point from being 2 goals ahead of Man United. It can be said that the spirit of Tottenham players has risen again after a weak 1-6 defeat against Newcastle.

Coach Ryan Mason: Tottenham have shown impressive bravery

“A great bravery, great personality. We were united, continued to believe and act as a team throughout the game. This makes me happy after what happened last weekend.

After the first half, what happened in terms of the scores, the way we came out and came together, fighting for each other and bringing the fans together, was gratifying. To see that on the pitch gives a good feeling.

We created a lot of chances in the second half, and also in the first half. Maybe if we had been sharper the game would have been different. But in the second half we kept trying and there were some clear situations. If we can get the equalizer sooner, we can continue to press for the 3 points.

We used up so much energy that we were exhausted. But winning a 2-2 draw after losing 0-2 at half-time is a positive thing.

We need to unite every moment. If you want to be a team, no matter what happens on the field, you have to unite and fight for each other. That’s what we did.”

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