Coach Mancini put an end to Balotelli in Italy

Mario Balotelli’s international career is almost officially over after the latest statement of coach Roberto Mancini.

Mario Balotelli has been looking forward to returning to the Italy team after contributing 14 goals in 36 appearances. However, at this time Balotelli is 32 years old and is playing for the Swiss club Sion. Balotelli has scored 5 goals this season. However, Balotelli’s ability to cause trouble is probably the factor that prevents him from returning to the Italian team.

Coach Mancini put an end to Balotelli in Italy

Coach Roberto Mancini once gave Balotelli the opportunity to play for Italy for 3 matches. But when asked about the possibility of Balotelli playing for the Azzurri in the future, Mancini replied: “I think that chapter is over”.

The Italian team is currently lacking firepower, prompting Balotelli to post on Instagram that “there are Italian strikers out there and they are in good shape”.

Striker Mateo Retegui scored in the first 2 matches for the Azzurri in the last team gathering. However, coach Mancini wants a striker who is playing in Italy, while Retegui currently plays for Tigre as far as Argentina.

“We follow many players. If we can get them to Serie A then we will be happier. It is not easy to call a player from the other side of the world. That to me is a lack of logic. Immobile has always been injured in the last training sessions, otherwise he would have been used. He’s not the problem.”

The reigning European champions Italy will play again on June 15. That is when they will face Spain in the semi-finals of the Nations League.

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