Coach Galtier protested against PSG fans booing, whistling Messi

Witnessing Messi being booed and whistled by PSG fans, coach Galtier expressed dissatisfaction and criticized the above actions.

PSG coach defends Messi

At home, PSG lost 0-1 to Lyon and this was the second consecutive defeat of the Paris team. PSG fans were very angry about their team and Messi, as usual, became the focus of criticism of this team’s fans. PSG’s “hard” fan group thinks that Leo does not deserve the treatment received at PSG and does not fully devote himself after winning the World Cup.

After witnessing Messi being booed by his own fans, coach Galtier was very upset. He heavily criticized the above action and said it was a very unreasonable action, when Messi contributed significantly to PSG from the beginning of the season.

Sharing after the game, Galtier said: “The whistles aimed at Messi are too harsh. He is a name that has contributed greatly to PSG during the past time. Remember the early part of the season, Leo is a key factor in PSG’s play. But Messi alone is not enough, need other players too.”

Coach Galtier defends Messi

After the match ended, Messi went straight into the tunnel of the Parc des Princess. Meanwhile, Mbappe still lingered, moving to the stands to applaud the PSG fans who came to the field. Leo’s actions made the relationship between the two sides more fractured.

Not only Messi was booed, but coach Galtier also had to receive the same words. When the PSG starting line-up was shown on the big screen of the stadium before the match, PSG fans began to whistle when the image of Messi appeared. When coach Galtier’s name was displayed on the screen, the home team’s fans also loudly booed and whistled.

Coach Galtier was appointed to replace Pochettino at the beginning of the season. Galtier’s first time at PSG went smoothly, however, things gradually deviated after the 2022 World Cup. Even, the news that PSG fired coach Galtier began to appear recently, despite the fact that the two sides still have problems. contract until 2024.

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