Coach Ancelotti does not care if Messi can return to Barca

Coach Carlo Ancelotti frankly admitted that he did not care much about Barca’s intention to re-sign Lionel Messi in the next summer transfer window.

What did Ancelotti say about Messi’s return to Barca?

Next summer, Barca makes every effort to re-recruit Lionel Messi. The contract between El Pulga and PSG expires after the 2022/23 season ends.

In the press conference before the match against Girona in the 31st round of La Liga, coach Carlo Ancelotti received a question about this issue. And the Italian strategist does not care much about the fact that his arch rival in La Liga is about to get a quality contract.

Messi is very close to Barca.

Coach Ancelotti said:

“Whether Messi returns to Barca or not has nothing to do with me and Real Madrid. If Messi is recruited, it will be good for Barca, and good for Spanish football as well.

I respect Messi for what he has done in his career. But this is Messi and Barca’s private matter, not ours. They will make their own decisions.”

It is known that Messi is very close to Barca. The fact that El Pulga recently sent his children back to study at his old school in Barcelona made the rumor that he returned to Camp Nou even more grounded.

However, Barca will have to settle the financial problems to be able to sign Messi. Previously, they were banned from recruiting new players due to financial fair play violations.

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