Chelsea president admits sacking coach Tuchel was a mistake

According to the Daily Mail, President Todd Boehly realized that the decision to sack coach Tuchel too hastily was a big mistake that made Chelsea experience a bad season.

In September, Chelsea suddenly fired coach Thomas Tuchel to the surprise of most fans. Even the German strategist lost his job after a meeting lasting just a few minutes with Chairman Todd Boehly.

And then after that, the more Chelsea played, the more they lost themselves. Graham Potter or Frank Lampard couldn’t save the Blues from going through a crisis and then having a bad season. The Stamford Bridge home team was empty-handed in all 4 arenas, even diving in the second half of the Premier League table.

Since coach Tuchel was sacked, Chelsea have increasingly lost themselves.

According to the Daily Mail, President Todd Boehly has realized that firing coach Tuchel too hastily is a big mistake. The American billionaire felt that he should have given the military leader born in 1973 more time when the team was in trouble at the time of the transfer.

The conflict between Coach Tuchel and President Todd Boehly comes from the fact that the German military leader just wants to focus on taking on expertise. Meanwhile, the American billionaire wants him to do more, including participating in the team’s transfer plan in the transfer window last summer.

After hasty decisions that caused great consequences, President Todd Boehly and his associates in recent years have carefully considered to find a suitable coach for Chelsea next summer, not in a hurry to repeat the mistakes. wrong. According to the latest information, coach Maurizio Pochettino has reached an agreement to sit in the hot seat at Stamford Bridge from next summer. Chelsea will officially announce this in the next few days.

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