Chelsea players want Pochettino to become head coach

At the moment, coach Mauricio Pochettino is becoming the strongest candidate for the position of head coach at Chelsea, which is still vacant.

After Julian Nagelsmann or Luis Enrique were no longer possible targets, Mauricio Pochettino emerged as the best candidate for the Chelsea head coach position. BLD The Blues have had contacts with the Argentine military leader.

It is known that things are progressing quite well when the two sides find common ground in many aspects. Negotiations are still ongoing.

Pochettino is a strong candidate for the position of Chelsea head coach.

BLD Chelsea will soon have a decision in the next 10 days. The Blues owners want the team to have a new head coach soon to have enough time to prepare well for the 2022/23 season.

It is known that many Chelsea players also want Pochettino to become the new head coach of the team. The Argentine strategist himself in his career also has experience in leading big teams like Tottenham or PSG.

Currently, Chelsea is being led by interim coach Frank Lampard. The Blues have almost no goals for the rest of the season when they have been eliminated in all cup competitions, and have almost no chance to participate in the European Cup.

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