Cancelo is not recognized for winning the Champions League

Man City’s homepage does not recognize Joao Cancelo winning the Champions League this season even though he still plays half the season.

Earlier this year, Joao Cancelo joined Bayern Munich on loan from Man City. The Portuguese defender, despite being in good form, “bounced” from Man City because of a disagreement with coach Pep Guardiola. 

Moving to Bayern, Cancelo continued to show impressive form and with the new team won the Bundesliga. Last season, Cancelo won four titles, three with Man City and one with Bayern.

However, Man City only recognized Cancelo winning two titles in the 2022/2023 season. Accordingly, the Man City homepage only updates Cancelo as the champion of the Premier League and FA Cup. Cancelo is not recognized for winning the Champions League.

The above information surprised fans. Last season, Cancelo played 6 matches for Man City in the Champions League group stage and contributed 3 assists. However, Man City still does not recognize Joao Cancelo’s achievements.

After the final in Istanbul, Cancelo still posted congratulations to the Etihad Stadium team. Previously, the defender said he has no problem with Man City and still maintains a good relationship with his former team-mate at Man City.

Cancelo is experiencing an uncertain future. The Portuguese defender was not kept by Bayern and had to return to Man City. However, Pep also does not intend to use the Portuguese player.

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