Bruno Fernandes refutes Ronaldo’s opinion about Portugal national team

Ronaldo once commented that the Portuguese team was blown away under the new coach Roberto Martinez, but Bruno Fernandes did not think so.

Bruno disagrees with Ronaldo

Under the new coach Roberto Martinez, the Portuguese team played impressively with two consecutive victories in the Euro 2024 qualifying stage. Ronaldo proved himself worthy of the promotion when he scored in both the last two matches.

Ronaldo did not forget to appreciate the new teacher in the team. CR7 said: “The Portuguese players are having a good time, the atmosphere in the team is very good now. This is a new chapter for all of us. The most important thing is the positive energy in the team at the moment. This.

I see the Portuguese team seems to be blowing a new wind, new ideas and improved fighting spirit. Things don’t get better or worse. But if you ask all the players in the national team right now, everyone will admit that there is a new source of energy.”

Bruno disagrees with Ronaldo about the new Portugal coach

However, Bruno Fernandes frankly commented the opposite. The MU midfielder thinks that there is no new wind in the Portuguese team at the moment. Everything is simply a sign of the transition period.

Sharing on RTP3, Bruno commented: “There is no new wind or anything. It’s all just the result of the generational transition in the team. The atmosphere in the Portugal national team has always been the same. well, so there’s no such thing as a breath of fresh air here.

I think everything is just a new source of motivation for the players. When working with a new coach, we need to absorb and follow his ideas. That’s all there is to it.”

At the end of the match against Luxembourg in the Euro qualifying round, the players will have about a week of rest before the league returns. For Bruno, this is a precious time when from the beginning of 2023, the midfielder has played at a very high intensity in both national and club colors.

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