Bruno Fernandes received a rain of compliments after his performance against Bosina

Coach Roberto Martinez praised Bruno Fernandes’ brilliant performance on the day Portugal beat Bosina.

At home, Portugal faced Bosnia in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. With the superiority of the human side, coach Roberto Martinez’s team easily defeated Bosnia. In this match, Bruno shined brightly with 2 goals and 1 assist.

After the match, coach Roberto Martinez did not forget to praise the midfielder on the MU payroll. He commented: “In this gathering, if only the players playing in the top 5 European leagues are counted, then Bruno Fernandes is the player who played the most. He played a total of about 6,400 minute.

Bruno shines in front of Bosnia

There are many opinions that plowing so much is something to worry about or not. But in reality, Bruno always wanted to play. He always enjoys the game and goes on the pitch with a smile.

Bruno is a smart player. Every pass, every touch has a clear intention. He also understands the ideas of his teammates so that he can coordinate to cause danger to the opponent’s defense. I think Bruno possesses the highest level of football intelligence. He can help his teammates play better.”

Coach Roberto Martinez is having a dream start with Portugal. After the first 3 matches under the new coach, the Portuguese team won all 3 matches, scored 13 goals and did not concede a goal. 

Impressive performance helps Portugal easily lead Group J of Euro 2024 qualifying. The next match of this team in the June gathering of FIFA Day is the confrontation with Iceland away.

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