Bruno Fernandes: “MU deserves a top 4 spot”

Bruno Fernandes insists Man United deserve to be in the top four of the Premier League this season and the players will fight for much bigger goals in the future.

Man United is 1 point more than the 5th ranked team Liverpool, but played 1 game less. “Red Devils” still hold the power to decide the top 4 this season. However, after 2 consecutive defeats, the pressure is on the shoulders of Ten Hag’s army.

Bruno Fernandes: MU deserves a top 4 spot

Man United need 9 points in the remaining 4 matches to ensure the top 4. With Liverpool’s current destructive form, that is the goal that MU must achieve if they want to attend the Champions League next season.

Bruno Fernandes thinks that Man United deserves a place in the Champions League and will fight to the end in the remaining period.

“We want to play in the Champions League. This club deserves it. Man United need to be in that position.

I think these players deserve to be in the top four. We are a great team and have done a fantastic job this season, when no one thought Manchester United could compete in the top four. .

I remember that at the beginning of the season, no one put our team in the top six. So this was a surprise for them, but not a surprise for us. We know we can make the top four, we know we can get high on the charts.

We have our ups and downs and that’s why we’re in a competitive top 4 position, not the bigger stuff. But I think soon, this club, these players will be fighting for much bigger goals.”

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