Breaking up with Shakira, Gerard Pique is about to marry a new girlfriend

After breaking up with Shakira, midfielder Gerard Pique announced his relationship with girlfriend Clara Chia. He even just got engaged to a beauty.

Earlier this month, Gerard Pique, 36, and Clara Clara, 24, were spotted at a jewelry store in Barcelona, ​​they are said to have spoken to a store employee about a custom ring. measurements. 

After breaking up with Shakira, Pique went public with his girlfriend Clara Chia. Sources close to Clara Chia and Pique claim the couple are indeed planning to get married and will do so this month.

Gerard Pique is about to marry his girlfriend Clara Chia

The source revealed to the Spanish media: “Gerard Pique and Clara Chia are about to get married. The former Barca player and his girlfriend made this very important decision. They also planned the ideal time to announce the good news. The announcement will be made after the wedding of his brother Marc, who will marry Maria on June 24.”

Shakira is said to have refused to let Pique bring their two sons, Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8, to her brother’s wedding. The Colombian singer is said to have been dating F1 driver Lewis Hamilton since she moved with her sons to Miami.

The two were first spotted when Shakira attended the Miami Grand Prix last month, and they appear to have had an intimate dinner together afterward. Despite the rumors, sources close to the couple insist they are just friends.

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