Bayern Munich suspend Mane indefinitely

Bayern Munich have decided to suspend Sadio Mane indefinitely until further notice after punching Leroy Sane in the dressing room recently.

After the 0-3 defeat to Man City in the Champions League last, the changing room of Bayern Munich happened to be tense. Specifically, Sadio Mane had a fierce controversy with Leroy Sane. Even the striker, born in 1992, while losing his temper, punched in the mouth, causing his teammates to cleft lips.

BLD Bayern Munich immediately had a meeting to resolve the above incident. According to the latest information, Gray Lobster decided to suspend Mane indefinitely.

Mane was suspended indefinitely by Bayern Munich after punching Sane.

Until the team has new notice, Senegal players are not allowed to train and play with the whole team. It is known that Mane’s punishment has not stopped here. In the worst case, the number 17 striker may even be liquidated.

Bayern Munich players were also shocked after Mane’s actions. Meanwhile, the members of the Gray Lobster BLD have the same opinion: the 31-year-old player should be dealt with strictly to avoid damaging the image of the team.

Mane joined Bayern Munich in the summer of 2022 for £ 45 million from Liverpool. Up to now, the 31-year-old striker has 11 goals and 5 assists in all competitions.

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