Bayern criticizes Nagelsmann for being unprofessional

Bayern Munich confirmed that they tried to contact coach Julian Nagelsmann to inform him of the decision to sack, but he did not respond because he was busy skiing.

Not long ago, Bayern Munich decided to fire coach Julian Nagelsmann. The reason is because he no longer owns the team’s dressing room.

At the time the press published the news, Coach  Nagelsmann did not know everything. The representative of the 36-year-old strategist, Sports 360, revealed that Bayern Munich intentionally leaked information to the press without notifying him.

“There was no communication or contact with Bayern Munich regarding this incident. After all the rumors in the media appeared, Nagelsmann’s manager had to personally contact the team.”

Nagelsmann was sacked by Bayern Munich not long ago.

However, the Bayern Munich side denied all the above allegations. They claimed to have done everything properly, but received no response from Nagelsmann because he was busy skiing in Austria.

“We made sure to follow the right process. As soon as we closed the deal with Tuchel, we immediately contacted Nagelsmann but it was unsuccessful. The leak was not our fault.”

Currently, Bayern Munich still has to pay Nagelsmann’s salary until the old contract between the two sides expires in 2026. After being fired by the Gray Lobster, the German strategist is one of the strong candidates for the coach seat. Chelsea chief.

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