Barca officially confirmed contact with Messi

Before the possibility of Lionel Messi becoming a free agent this summer, the old club Barcelona recently contacted to bring the Argentine superstar back.

Accordingly, PCT Barcelona – Rafa Yuste recently confirmed the interest of the Camp Nou team with the PSG player: “We have had contacts with Leo Messi’s side. He himself knows how important Barca is and I would love for him to come back here. Two years ago I myself participated in the negotiation to renew the contract with Messi and it was difficult when the deal did not work out.

Messi’s love for Barcelona is unshakable. I hope that every agreement goes well so that history can continue to be written.”

Barca wants to bring Lionel Messi back to Camp Nou in the summer of 2023

Messi will turn 36 this summer, and will become a free agent if he does not activate the 12-month self-renewal clause with his parent club PSG. According to many relevant sources, the Argentine superstar is thinking about the possibility of staying at PSG for another season, before going to the US, Asia or returning home to play.

However, the opportunity for Lionel Messi to join the old Barcelona team is not small. The Barca side is about to make an offer to sign a one-season contract, one year less than self-renewal and a salary of 7 million euros/season. Messi’s affection for the Camp Nou team will be the decisive factor leading to the deal, especially when Messi once affirmed that he will return to Barca one day.


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