Barca earns nearly 100 million euros in prize money to win La Liga

Spanish media calculate Barcelona pocketed about 91.6 million euros in prize money thanks to the La Liga championship.

Barca won La Liga well deserved. Photo: Reuters.

Meanwhile, the second-placed team (most likely Real Madrid) will receive 85.07 million euros in prize money. La Liga doesn’t own a bonus system like other leagues in the world. Most of the money teams receive at the end of the season comes from television rights.

In the structure of dividing the TV rights revenue of 1.44 billion euros, 50% is divided equally among the 20 teams participating in La Liga, 25% is used as bonuses, while the remaining 25% is divided according to the attractiveness of the players. each team to the viewer.

AS calculation Barca receive 35 million euros in equal distribution between the teams participating in La Liga this season. The Camp Nou home team also receives 17% of the television rights, while the second and third place teams receive 15% and 13%, respectively. The bottom three teams of the group are divided by 0.75%, 0.5% and 0.25%, respectively.

However, the law stipulates that these earnings are paid out over 5 seasons. Thus, in the 2023/24 season, Barca will receive 35% in advance, 20% in the next season and in the remaining 3 seasons, each season will receive 15%.

The ranking in La Liga also affects the distribution of prize money of the Champions League teams. UEFA allocates 40%, 30%, 20% and 10% of money to participate in the tournament, respectively, for 4 Spanish representatives. AS  calculates Barca will earn 9.6 million euros by participating in this arena next season, 2.5 million euros more than the second team in the table. Teams will make more money if they advance in the tournament.

Beating Espanyol 4-2 in round 34 of La Liga at dawn on May 15 (Hanoi time), Barca won the domestic championship 4 rounds early. The Catalan club is 14 points more than the second-placed team Real Madrid. This is the 27th La Liga championship in Barca’s history, 8 titles behind Real Madrid.

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