Balotelli punches the home team’s sporting director

Striker Mario Balotelli recently caused big trouble when he accidentally went on the right path with the sporting director of Sion Club, the team he is playing for.

The above incident happened when Mario Balotelli and Sion’s sporting director Barthelemy Constantin attended a party. Both dressed up as cartoon characters.

During the event, a fan recognized Balotelli and took a picture of him. The Italian striker was uncomfortable. 

Balotelli had an argument and a scuffle with the above fan. Mr. Barthelemy Constantin intervened to cool the hot head of the striker born in 1990. 

Balotelli faces the risk of being liquidated by Sion Club.

However, not only could not stop Balotelli, the sports director of Sion Club was also unfortunately hit. He received a blow from the 33-year-old striker and had swelling in one eye.

The incident caused Balotelli to face many problems. Most likely, his contract will be terminated before the term of 1 year. 

Last season, Balotelli played for Sion in the Swiss First Division and did not leave much of an impression. He scored only 6 goals after 21 appearances and with the home team dropped to 2nd place.

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