Arteta reminds Arsenal players ahead of “10 finals” of the season

Mikel Arteta Calling on players to return from the international series with the same mentality and desire to prepare for Arsenal’s 10 finals

Arsenal rose to eight points ahead of Man City thanks to a 4-1 win over Crystal Palace. Bukayo Saka scored twice while Martinelli and Xhaka also contributed

Arteta reminds Arsenal players ahead of “10 finals” of the season

Arsenal have lost Gabriel Jesus to a severe knee injury while focusing with Brazil in the 2022 World Cup. Arsenal’s squad has also had fitness problems recently.That’s why coach Arteta hopes the players will return healthy and explosive for the match against Leeds in the Premier League on April 1.

“I want the players to really take care of themselves during this period. Hopefully they return with the same mindset and desire to enter the match against Leeds. We know it’s a single important game at this point.

Hoping for luck, but I want to think positive. They will play the matches, we contact all the players. They know how to take care of themselves and hope it all works out. It’s no secret, if we want to maintain our current level, we have to give more.

Of course we are all human and we are tired too. It’s hard sometimes, but the reward is worth the effort in the end. Today you can also feel the fatigue in the players’ bodies after 120 minutes of play against Sporting. But we have faith and desire that we want to win this year and nothing can stop us. Especially when we’re tired.”