Arsenal lost key defenders until the end of the season

Arsenal’s main defender pair, William Saliba and Oleksandr Zinchenko, will be out for the rest of the season.

Arsenal have 3 more matches left in the hope of usurping the top of the table of Man City. Currently, Arsenal is 1 point behind Man City and played 1 more game. However, coach Arteta will enter these final three matches without the services of two top defenders, Saliba and Zinchenko.

Arsenal lost key defenders until the end of the season

Zinchenko injured his calf in the win over Newcastle over the weekend. The Ukrainian player did not recover in time to attend the remaining matches of Arsenal. Kieran Tierney is expected to take over Zinchenko’s left-back position during this period.

Saliba has been out of action since mid-March after suffering a back injury in a loss to Sporting Lisbon. There has been information that Saliba is difficult to return to this season from mid-April.

Saliba is very determined to play. But Arsenal did not want to make this player’s injury more serious, so they decided to let him rest until the end of the season.

This is not good news for Arsenal when the championship race with Man City comes to a close. To hope to usurp Man City at the top, Arsenal need to win all three remaining matches against Brighton, Nottingham Forest and Wolves. This is a goal within reach of Arsenal when they play 2/3 matches at Emirates home.

Man City’s schedule is much more difficult when they have to face Everton, Chelsea, Brighton and Brentford. The problem is that Man City will have to play 3/4 of this match away. Man City need to win 8 points in these 4 matches to be sure to win the championship.

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