Argentina legend advises Messi to stay at PSG

Lionel Messi has been advised by Argentina legend Mario Kempes to stay at PSG to increase his chances of participating in the 2026 World Cup.

Lionel Messi is set to end his contract with PSG and become a free agent in the summer. PSG still make an offer to extend Messi’s contract. And legend Mario Kempes thinks that staying in France will help Messi be better prepared for the 2026 World Cup.

Argentina legend advises Messi to stay at PSG

“If Messi wants to play in the next World Cup, he needs to stay in France. To get into the Champions League, he needs to pay a little price. At PSG, in three years he will be perfect. We will also see him in the qualifiers.

Gradually, we will see Messi’s fitness return. There’s one thing Messi excels at: he runs when he needs to run. He doesn’t waste energy. If he maintains a winning mentality, this ability will be brought into play. Messi won’t go into games with the attitude of 2022, but with his left foot he can take the ball anywhere.”

Messi was advised to sign a new contract but he did not seem to have received much love from the fans in France. Messi’s determination to contribute to the collective is questioned. There are also rumors that Barca is considering the possibility of bringing Messi back to La Liga. In addition, there are offers from MLS and the Middle East.

Messi once made a comment about retiring from the team after winning the World Cup 2022. However, if his career goes smoothly, Messi still has the opportunity to attend the 2026 World Cup.

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