Antony injury brings turning point for Sancho

Antony’s injury this morning said maybe it could save Jadon Sancho’s career.

29 minutes in the match against Chelsea this morning, Trevoh Chalobah had a fierce tackle that made Antony lie on the field in pain . Man Utd’s €100 million rookie tried to get up but only took a few steps before collapsing on the grass.

Just by looking at Antony’s expression, one knows this injury is not simple. Coach Erik Ten Hag revealed doctors will need more time to make a diagnosis. But almost the Brazilian player will not recover in time for the FA Cup final against Man City on June 3. 

The season with Antony is probably over.

However, Antony ‘s injury  inadvertently brought the opportunity to play for Jadon Sancho. He achieved a pass accuracy rate of up to 82%, passed long accurately 2 times and had 3 successful duels. However, the most important parameter is probably the 5 passes that lead to the England international’s scoring opportunity.

With the arrival of Sancho on the right wing, Man Utd played with higher speed and more danger in counter-attack situations. People often call Antony a “one-way” player, while, when Sancho holds the ball, it is difficult to know which direction the former Dortmund player will dribble. This is the reason why even in the Bundesliga, Sancho can play well on both wings.

“Sancho is fit, lean, quick and also very confident. So I think he can start in the FA Cup final,” legend Paul Scholes told Sky Sports after the 4-1 victory. dawn this morning.

As Scholes said, Sancho’s problem is not with expertise but with confidence . There was a time this season when Sancho completely disappeared on the Man Utd bench . Ten Hag revealed that the player born in 2000 had psychological problems and it prevented him from playing for 3 months. 

Sancho played sublime against Chelsea.

After the recent victory, Ten Hag praised:  “He did a great job on the right. He played a very good game today. He is one of the players that has improved this season. That is the opportunity. good base for further development.”

This may be a premise for Sancho to hope for breakthroughs in the near future. In total, Sancho has only played 3 times on the right wing this season (according to Whoscored). Owning a ambidextrous player in this area will help Man Utd open up more attacking options. 

This season with Man Utd will have two more matches, but most importantly, the FA Cup final. The current situation will open up a starting opportunity for Sancho. In a dream scenario, Sancho can score and help the Red Devils create an earthquake against Man City. If it really happens, this will be the most important turning point in this young star’s career.

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