Antony has just had the best match since arriving at MU

MU legend – Paul Scholes, praised Antony’s performance in the victory over Everton in the 30th round of the Premier League.

In the last match, MU received Everton at home. The Red Devils entered the fray and took the lead through Scott McTominay, the Scot’s powerful kick from a tight corner not allowing Pickford a chance to save.

In the second half, from the cross of Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial accurately finished the score 2-0. Marcus Rashford then had to limp off the field because of a groin injury, which was MU’s biggest minus point in this match.

Antony played well against Everton

After the game, MU legend Paul Scholes praised Antony’s performance. Scholes told BT Sport: “I think this is Antony’s good game since arriving at MU. He caused problems for Everton’s defence, his dribbling provided opportunities for his teammates.”

“Antony had a shot that hit the post, it was a situation where he was unlucky. Although he didn’t score, it was clear that his performance deserved praise.”

Paul Scholes also praised Anthony Martial’s return, adding: “It’s great to have him back, we all know how good Martial is. When he’s in good spirits and in good shape, he’s a great attacking player. If he doesn’t get injured, and plays regularly in this squad, he will score 20-25 goals.”

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