Another match with extra time up to 40 minutes

The first half of Tanzania vs Uganda in Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) 2024 qualifying match was added 40 minutes by the referee.

Tanzania has just had a match against Uganda in the 2024 Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) qualifiers. As soon as the match took place a few minutes, the lighting on Benjamin Mkapa’s field suddenly turned off. All the players, the coaching staff of the two teams and the fans were surprised.

With this unfortunate incident, the referee team had no choice but to stop the match to wait for the organizers to fix it. After a long wait, the light system also works again. However, the two teams had to play 40 minutes of injury time.

The first half of the match between Tanzania and Uganda was added 40 minutes

This match saw only 1 goal. In the 90 + 1 minute, Rogers Mato scored the only goal for Uganda, helping them win 1-0. This result helps Uganda to level the score gap with Tanzania itself in the CAN qualifying round. While Algeria is almost certain to progress, the remaining Ivory Coast ticket in Group F will be a competition between Uganda and Tanzania.

Previously, the match between Palmaflor and Blooming in the sixth round of the Bolivian national championship was also added to 42 minutes of extra time. The Bolivian Football Federation later suspended referee Julio Gutierrez indefinitely, in addition to five other people suspended for investigation on suspicion of negativity.

Referee Julio Gutierrez explained that there were two reasons why the game was overtime so much. The first was the fact that he spent a lot of time watching the video of Palmaflor’s second goal, the second was the game interrupted by a two-way fight that resulted in two red cards for the visitors.

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