Ancelotti closes the future after the defeat against Man City

The 0-4 defeat against Man City did not make coach Carlo Ancelotti change his mind to continue sticking with Real Madrid until the end of the 2023/24 season, when the contract between the two sides ended.

Ancelotti did not leave Real despite the defeat against Man City

Real Madrid lost 0-4 to Man City in the Champions League semi-final second leg 2022/23. With a 1-5 defeat in the end, Los Blancos were officially eliminated and became the former champion. 

Despite this salt defeat, coach Carlo Ancelotti did not change his mind to continue to lead Real Madrid next season. In recent times, the Italian strategy has received many offers, but he is still single-minded with Los Blancos. 

Ancelotti continues to lead Real Madrid next season.

After the defeat to Man City, coach Ancelotti once again clarified the future. He shared:

“No one doubts my future at Real Madrid. 15 days ago, I clearly agreed with President Perez that I will continue to lead Real Madrid next season.

Next season, I will still be here and will fight with Real Madrid to win the Champions League again. This failure will be an important step for us to continue to improve ourselves. 

The squad with the current people can completely win the Champions League again. We did well last season and this season. Don’t forget that the current people beat Man City a year ago. I think Real Madrid will be even better next season.”

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