Admire the masterpiece from a distance of 46m, knocking Arsenal out of the Europa League

Sporting Lisbon’s Pedro Goncalves scored from the middle of the field, making it 1-1. The Portuguese team then defeated the Gunners in a penalty shootout to reach the quarterfinals.

In the second leg of the 1/8 round of the Europa League 2022/23, Granit Xhaka opened the scoring in the 19th minute for the home team Arsenal. However, in the 62nd minute, Pedro Goncalves made a super equalizer for Sporting Lisbon.

Pha làm bàn khó tin của Goncalves.

In the situation where the Sporting players stole the ball, Goncalves watched goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale go up a bit and immediately fired a shot from close to the center circle, the ball went into the top corner of the goal. The spectacular goal stunned the crowd of fans and deserves to be a top contender for the 2023 Puskas awards.

Pedro Goncalves’ scoring situation

According to statistics, Goncalves’ goal was scored from a distance of up to 46 meters. It was this goal that forced the two teams to play overtime. Draw 1-1 at Emirates, the score after two matches is 3-3. There were no more goals in the 30 minutes of extra time, and the match had to be decided by a penalty shootout.

Arsenal then lost with a score of 3-5 in the penalty shootout and gave way to the quarter-finals to the opponent. Martin Odegaard, Bukayo Saka and Leandro Trossard successfully completed the first 3 shots in the penalty shootout. However, the failure of Gabriel Martinelli became disastrous in the context of Sporting succeeding all 5 shots.